Some special tips to double the joy of Holi a beautiful festival of colors.

By following these steps your Holi can become safe Holi. Because many times while playing Holi we have to face many problems such as allergies, burning sensation and hair loss.

What can be the problems of holi colors ?

1. Allergy
Colors of holi are often made from chemicals and some people may have an allergic reaction. Allergy can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat. Cold, cough and respiratory disorders may also be due to these sensitive people. Asthma and other complex problems can lead to serious problems.

2. Skin problems
Due to skin disorders from potentially harmful chemicals in the colors of Holi, health is a major threat. You may have itching, redness, dryness, scaling, feeling of irritation and bloating. Holi colors can also affect the hair. Many people have to deal with problems like hair fall, headache, scabies, baldness, hair loss and rustic after Holi.

3. Eyes Problems
The common problems found in people after the celebration of Holi are associated with eyes, including irritation, itching, excessive water coming in the eyes, high sensitivity to light, pain in the eyes or symptoms of redness.

4. Digestive problems
Due to the celebration of holi, eating a dish with hands in color can lead to digestive problems. Colors may cause irritation in the mucous membrane, which can cause nausea, vomiting or stomach problems, as well as the possibility of having an infection.

5. Skin cancer
Some chemicals used in Holi colors can increase the risk of health problems. It may have problems like paralysis, kidney failure and skin cancer, so be careful.

How to identify toxic colours for Holi ?
Nowadays, eco-friendly colors are becoming very popular to avoid harmful effects, but there is no rule over them, so you need to be cautious of misleading labels. Beware of counterfeit organic or false claims products, there are some ways to identify safe colors:

1. Do not buy them if the smell of chemical or petrol comes from colors. If the color does not dissolve in water then they can be chemical, it will be better not buy them.

2. Organic colors do not contain shiny particles and they are not available in dark shades. So do not buy silver, dark purple or black color, they may not be natural colors.


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