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Third year civil engineering student of CHARUSAT observed 20 years changes in ground water level in Anand District

Third year civil engineering student of CHARUSAT observed 20 years changes in ground water level in Anand District

Ground water is an important source of fresh water supply and is drawn from numerous wells as per the requirement for agricultural, industrial and domestic use. The continuous and uncontrolled usage of ground water results in recharge discharge imbalance and as a result depletion of ground water level. This reduces the availability of ground water in the region and has resulted in situation of critical crisis in some extent in some part of the country.

The ground water gets stored by slow movement of water through different layers of soil. Therefore the replenishment of ground water sources takes a longer time once the source is depleted. A third year civil engineering student from Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) undertook a project to study the changes in ground water level in Anand District under the guidance of Prof. Hiteshri Shastri.

The ground water levels are observed four times in a year by Central Ground Water Board through numerous observation wells. The observation of ground water levels in more than 100 different wells across the Anand District for last 20 years.

Giving further information on this Prof. Hiteshri added that they observed, presently the ground water occurs at 10-20 m depth in different parts of the district and there is no ground water depletion problem in the region. However it is very important to conduct these type of large scale observation studies on regular basis to ensure the wellbeing of ground water sources in the district.

Head of civil engineering Prof. V. R Panchal added that at department of civil engineering we encourage students to take more and more projects which are related to real life and socially relevant problems. The department has started a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the civil engineering department in last year.

Sharing his experience of working on his project Divyesh added that, his father owns a steel welding shop and mother is a home maker. He learnt a lot in successfully execution this project. Gathering and working on a large dataset was a tough task, and he feel happy to successfully execute the same. He stay in Akhdol, a small village of Kheda district and have got a best encouragement and guidance from my teachers to take up and successfully complete this project.

"I explored remote sensing data and computer programming to work on this project. It was both challenging and fulfilling for me to learn computer programming and remote sensing data processing to make relevant observations, added Divyesh.

Civil engineering is an evergreen branch of engineering and its scope is much wider than taking construction works, added principal Dr. A D Patel.

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