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Things You Should Know Before You Rent A House

Things You Should Know Before You Rent A House

Renting a house has become simpler in the

recent times. You can easily do it online. You can search by area, amenities,

rent, etc. within the comfort of your home and avoid paying the brokerage fee.

But this also means, you may not be all that well-versed with the nuances that

go into renting a house. So, here are a few things you should know before you

rent a house.

Cost of Living

You’re not just renting a house, you’re

living in a city. Whether you’ve already been living here or moving here,

renting is an added integral expense you will incur every single month. So,

knowing the exact cost of living of a place will give you an idea of which

neighbourhood you should rent the place. For example, the cost of living in

Mumbai is way higher than Pune. So, the same house for rent in Mumbai will cost a lot more

than what it’ll cost you to rent a house in Pune.

Research the Area

You’re not just renting an apartment in an

area. You’re going to be living there. So, is the neighbourhood aligned with

your interests? For example, if you’re a foodie, are there good restaurants in the

area or even a neighbouring area? Or if you love peace and quiet, are there any

clubs/pubs/bars in the area that play loud music beyond your bedtime? It is

important to pick an area that will not disturb your personal space.

Bachelors vs Families

Many home owners in India do not rent

houses to bachelors, they prefer families. So, when getting in contact with any

prospective home owners, be clear about your living situation. If they are ok

with bachelors staying alone or with roommates, they may have some rules about

smoking, inviting guests over, etc. Make sure you discuss any such adjustments

before making your decision.

Appliances that Come with the House

Many a times when you’re viewing a house, you may find a washing machine or an oven inside in the house. These are not necessarily part of what the landlord is offering their tenant. Sometimes appliances are kept in specific parts of the house to show prospective tenents what the space is to be used for. So, make sure you have a clear conversation with the owner to know what exactly the rent covers.

Ask about Rent Increases

The rent that you pay in the beginning will

not always be the rent for the house. Home owners periodically increase the

rent (usually every year) by a certain percentage to accommodate for inflation.

Before signing the contract make sure you ask questions about it. Ask when they

propose to increase the rent and how much so there are no surprises after you

move in. Ask to include this as a clause in the rental agreement as well. This

will make it illegal for them to change the terms of rent increase in the


Renting a house can be tiresome and

exhausting, but with sufficient research and clarifying any and all questions

before moving in will make the process of moving much smoother.

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