Gujarat is not just a state belonging to this country but a place filled with things, places, cultures, religions etc which contributes to give it the title of “The Jewel of the West”. In this article we will discuss the different things that make Gujarat what it showcases when someone visits the state:

  • Rann of Kutch: It is not just a wide spread of dessert with white sand but an area that showcases the salt base, the colourful festival and textiles to impress you. When the horizon meets the colours it’s a great view to witness.
  • Food: This is something we all are worried about when we travel, but Gujarat offers you with a wide variety of food choices to fulfil your taste buds and keep them busy.
  • Gir: Gir is known majorly for its lions and the conservative efforts that it has taken towards the country’s flora and fauna. It has shown an increase in the number of animals in the recent years.
  • Culture:The Textile is a part of the culture which again is so varied that you cannot count them at once. The dance moves are not hard to learn but mastering them in the ghagra choli is tough. Be it Dandiya or garba, they have it all packed at once.
  • Businessmen:The Gujaratis’ are known for their economic capital because of the known businessmen from the state. Ambani and Adani are the Baniya’s who have made their name worldwide. Mathematics runs in their genes and thus they are always on the run for calculating the profit!
  • Tourism: From the temples, to the sea shores to the architectural buildings, everything will seem inviting and a treat to your eyes once you study the state.
  • History: With the wide history that this state has witnessed from Mahatma Gandhi to Sardar Patel it is a collection of enriched historical sites like Dandi and Sabarmati Ashram.
  • Diamonds:Who isn’t fond of some diamonds? The diamonds are made with care and perfection in mind in Surat, Gujarat. They are known to have a million dollar base of diamonds that is famous worldwide. You will also find colleges that specially teach diamond technology.

These are the things that give Gujarat the title which it is famous for. The jewels are not only created but crafted in the state. Make sure to visit the different places and enjoy the things while you visit Gujarat!


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