National Safety Day 2021

Decamp with cash and jewellery

Thieves targeted a closed house in Fatehpura Ranavas late last night in Vadodara after broke the lock of the main door of the house. They broke the locks of two main vaults on the first floor of the house and stole Rs 40,000 in cash as well as gold and silver jewelery worth about Rs 5 lakh. The theft in the area had sparked panic in the area.

As per available details, Mayurbhai Natwarbhai Rana lives with his family including his wife and sister in Fatehpura Ranavas. On Monday night, the family closed their house at Fatepura and went to sleep in another house in Khodiyar Nagar. The thieves meanwhile targeted their closed house and decamp with the jewellery and cash.

This morning Mayurbhai rushed to Fatehpura with his family when he came to know about the theft. He was shocked to see the locks of the main door broken and shocked to see the locks of the vaults were also broken.

The family searched the house and found Rs 40,000 in cash, three gold chains, a gold Lucky, a gold-plated Rudraksha garland and a silver jewellery a total of 5 lakhs missing from the vaults.

Meanwhile, Mayurbhai Rana reported the incident to the city police. Police have registered a case of theft based on the complaint are conducting further investigation.


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