Decamp with items worth 4.20 lakhs

The thieves struck late at night in Shubham Bungalows next to GEB on Padra Jambusar Highway in the district. They targeted a bungalow and fled after stealing items worth Rs 4.20 lakh.

Kunal Shah, who lives in No. 22 buglow went to his hometown on Sunday and stayed there for the night. He returned back in the morning as he had to leave for work in the morning. However he was shocked to see the lock of his house broken and immediately informed the Padra police about the incident.

Police immediately rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation. According to Kunal Shah, gold, silver jewelery and Rs 12,000 in cash were missing from the vault inside the house. Despite such a large society, the CCTV cameras in the society have been not working for many days. Police arrived at the scene and conducted an investigation in the matter.


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