Some unknown persons striked in the house of a NRI in Vadodara and decamp with 5000 American Dollars, 42,000 cash and jewellery.

Pankaj Kantilal Shah is settled in America for the last many years and one month earlier he comes to Vadodara along with his family to attend his nephew birthday.

Pankaj Shah along with his family went to Palitana Jain Derasar on 23rd February for darshan. In the meantime some unknown persons striked at their home on Thursday night. According to the police complaint registered by the nephew of Pankaj Shah the strikers broke the lock of front grill of the main door and enter the house. They then broke the cupboard (Tijori) and decamp 5000 US dollars, 42,000 cash and gold, silver and diamond jewellery.

Raopura police with the help of dog squad and CCTV footage start investigating the case.