A garba enthusiast who never get a chance to dance on the tunes of the beautiful Garba songs just because of his physical disability. For such Divyang people a special garba is organized for the last 15 years in Vadodara city with an aim to provide a platform to them. Nearly 4500 physically challenged people from the city and outskirts took part in the garba which becomes popular for years now.

The Viklang Garba Mahotsav organised by  Jai Sainath Education and Charitable Trust for the last many years is unique as unlike other Garba venues this is exclusively for the physically challenged people. A hesitation for entering inside other Garba venues is always there in the minds of such people. But here the revellers dance without any hesitation as the Garba is only for them and their family. With their crutches, walking sticks and Wheelchairs the revellers here dance to the tunes of traditional garba and matching steps with each other.

“I listened a lot about the Garba which is organised specially for us but I always hesitate to come here due to my physical condition. But slowly I gain courage and now actively take part in the garba every year,” said a reveller who was overwhelmed with the experience.

The revellers here dance with their companions and friends without showing any problem they have been facing in their daily lives. “We were not allowed to enter in other big Garba venues in the city and we always felt being neglected. But here the ground is all ours and we all dance here with great enthusiasm,” said another garba enthusiast sitting on her wheelchair.

The Viklang Garba Mahotsav attracts many participants from the city as well as from the outskirts. “Every year we organise the garba for the people who felt neglected as they were not allowed to other Garba venues during the nine nights. For the last 15 years we are organising the Viklang Garba Mahotsav where they can dance without any hesitation. We start from 50 to 60 people at our garba but now after 15 years the numbers touched nearly 4500 people who came here and dance. We organise buses for them to pick and drop and also organise dinner for them. At the venue we also distribute tricycles and other things to the needy persons. The idea is to give them the platform where they can enjoy the festival without any hesitation,” said Rajesh Aiyre the organiser of the Mahotsav.


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