Father’s Day has a great significance when it comes to its global acclamation. Fathers are an important part of our life.They make everything happen without making anyone notice. Behind giving the financial stability, they have always tried to focus on every other aspect of the family. But there is a history behind this celebration. Fathers are a vital part in making your background. The history says that Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1908. The day witnessed the sermon to honour the martyrdom of almost 362 men in total who ended their life just after a coalfield explosion in West Virginia. This was the time when people honoured and accepted them and a sermon was passed for their valour.

History of Father’s Day

The occasion of Father’s Day was first recognized to be a national holiday by Sonora Smart Dodd. Dodd was actually raised up by a single father and she understood the importance ofa father in a child’s life. Dodd’s actual home state is Washington and this made her celebrate the national level holiday in her own state for the first time. Even it was considered a federal holiday. The society understood the importance of a father in a family.

She has tried spreading the message that Father’s day is a unique celebration that makes people get closer and know the real meaning of fatherhood. The only thanks go to Sonora who actually conceived the idea of father’s day. She had taken a huge amount of efforts to establish the importance of a father in our society. The essence of fatherhood was always dying. But the idea brightened the situation and once again made the father an important part of parenthood.

Why is father an important part of our childhood?

When it is a daughter,father is a person that helps in building her character. But when it is a son then the whole nature of the father gets over to the son. This makes the notion very clear that a father plays a very important role in a child’s life. The child’severy move and steps in the life get reflected through the father’s action and reaction. So, this father’s day makes it sure that your father receives some hearty wishes from you and make the day special with some exciting gifts and tons of love.