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The story of two mothers struggling to save their families during corona era

The story of two mothers struggling to save their families during corona era

Dr. Jyoti and her mother in law playing the role of Corona fighters

Maa Navdurga destroys the evil to save the world and just like her, most of the mothers in the corona period are fighting on many fronts and deserve respect and adoration on this Mother's Day.

Dr. Jyoti Gadkari working at Nagarwada Urban Primary Health Center of Vadodara Municipal Corporation and her 63-year-old mother-in-law Chhaya Surendra Gadkari is also playing the role of Corona fighter.

The first case in the city was handled by this doctor and her team when the corona broke out in Nagarwada last year. Since then, cases have continued to rise, and to protect family members against infection, Dr. Jyoti and the entire team had to stay in the hotel for 21 days while her mother-in-law took care of her doctor son, two grandchildren and the house.

Recently when Dr. Jyoti's doctor husband Dr. Nikhil became infected, she took over three fronts at one time. She sent her mother-in-law to sister in law's house to save her from infection as she is old and diabetic. The children were sent to grandmother house and Dr. Jyoti took care of the house and her home quarantine husband along with the health duties.

Thus, for the last almost a year and a half, they have been fighting on many fronts with the daunting task of health. Last year it was just Corona but now she and her team are currently doing a variety of things like corona testing, liaison with patients under home treatment and their essential care, corona vaccination and implementation of regular health programs.

Now the work of registration of births and deaths has recently added to their profile. There are other hospitals in the area of ​​their primary health center including the biggest Sayaji, so there is a lot of registration. Dr. Jyoti says that work is not completed in regular office hours, so the house has become an office and one has to devote time for office work at home.

She said, her children have been corona disciplined now as they took utmost care at home. Being doctors she and her husband have to work in an environment of constant transition so they have to take various steps to keep mother in law, son and daughter safe when go home. However, the children now become corona discipline and don't come to them until they finish the process of getting themselves clean and free from germs.

The operation of Nagarwada was a memorable experience for her team as almost every household had a case when the corona exploded in the area. The disease is new and unfamiliar, people understand it less and fear more, this operation was also completely new for them. But then the leaders of the area helped a lot, including persuading the people, so their work became easier. Dr. Jyoti said that the patients of the area whom they cared for at that time still remember today, when they send people in need to us, we get the self-satisfaction of doing something good, useful to the people.

Dr. Jyoti says that for the last one and a half years, she and her team have been working on public holidays and festivals. It is as if they have forgotten the meaning of the word holiday. A media group, Mahanagar Palika Karmachari Mandal and Mahanagar Palika have awarded them for his struggle.

Thus, Dr. Jyoti and working women like her, housewives like her mother-in-law are fighting against Corona on several fronts simultaneously without getting tired like goddess Navdurga. In fact, whether it is Corona or some other crisis, these women are constantly working hard. This whole maternal power deserves worship, bowing and respect on this Mother's Day.

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