The everflowing lifeline of Gujarat Narmada river is going through its worst phase in Bharuch. The river is flowing on mark 3 against the 21inch it normally flows under the famous Golden bridge.

Narmada river is the identity of Bharuch city situated on its bank. The condition of the river is worse and if not taken care off it might extinct.

During the British rein the biggest port of the country was situated on the banks of Narmada river in Bharuch from where the businessmen doing their business. At that time the river was flowing at its peak at both sides where Bharuch and Ankleshwar situated. Now the river is going through its worst phase and the water reduced to just two inches inside.

The river is slowly drying and with no water inside the existence of Narmada river is in danger. Dharmesh Solanki works in historical Dashasamay Ghat crematorium said the Narmada water touched the Ghat at one time and now it went beyond and far upto 12 to 15 kms from there.

With water inside the river dried down the aquatic life is in danger along with the fishermen depend upon the river for living. The industrial area at Dahej is also facing problems of water shortage.

Narmada water reached till Kutch and desert of Rajasthan but the historical Bharuch situated on the banks facing water scarcity. As the water level inside the river is low the salty water for the sea entered 45 kms away from Bharuch. The water to Narmada river reached from the Sardar Sarovar dam and due to irregularities and other reasons the situation get worse. Now the people of Bharuch are in the mood to save Narmada.

Rajendrasinh Rana president of Bharuch district Congress accused the central and BJP government for the situation. However no one is ready to give any explanation about the situation from the BJP side and that might worsen the situation more about Bharuch and Narmada river.





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