The energy of all the participants in the race was the most appealing attraction of the event.

For the 25 km trail race category, prize money of Rs. 35,000 was rewarded to Simion kiplagatre from kenya (male winner) for completing the race and Jane mbogo from kenya (female winner). She finished the 25km category trail race. Rs. 15,000 was awarded to the second prize winners, Isaac from kenya (male winner), who completed in and Nancy githaigan from kenya (female winner) for completing the race in and a sum of Rs. 7,500 to the third position winners, Joshua kipkembofrom Kenya (male winner), who reached the finishing line and  Sita Charel from Gandhinagar (female winner) for finishing the race.


For the 55 km trail race category, 1st prize money of Rs. 51,000 was rewarded to Bhaginath gyakwadfrom Nasik (male winner) for completing the race and Ruth mbogo from kenya (female winner).She finished the 55 km category trail race. Rs. 21,000 was awarded to the second prize winners, Lallulal meena from Delhi (male winner), who completed in and Naomi Njoroge from Kenya (female winner) for completing the race in and a sum of Rs. 11000 to the third position winners, Srikant Yadav from Ahmedabad (male winner), who reached the finishing line and Camilla Nilson (female winner) for finishing the race.

The race included of all the participants coming from the various corners of the country. 35 participants were native from Ahmedabad, 37 from Vadodara, Around 140 from Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Dharampur, Gorakhpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kerala, Ludhiana Delhi, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Shamli and many other cities likewise and even this year international participates from 5 from Kenya 1 from Denmark have participated.


Additionally, the participants were an interesting blend of experienced marathon runners in the past and also professionals from the various walks of life such as doctors, lawyers, and other occupations. It was indeed a sight to witness the vibe of all the participants who belonged to non-racing background and yet eagerly took part in both the categories of the trail race.

The trail race was conducted in the two different categories, 25 km and 55 km. The initial 15 kms were nearly the same for both the categories of the race across charming and picturesque locations in the outskirts of the city and the terrains of Pavagadh. The actual race began from Navanagar, wherein, the participants ran across the testing hills and the uneven roadways of Pavagadh before reaching the finishing line.


The organizers of the event had made sure that the participants of both the race categories experience an impressive experience of running amidst the locations. Mr. Hiten Shah, the Director Uphill EMG reports, “Weaim to create world class sporting events that are a glimpse of the level of excellence and challenge that we are capable of bringing. Right from urban running, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, and much more, we have made sure that we develop ports skills and diverse activities. This year we have come up with international participates. ”