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The Guptas in South Africa who made headlines

The Guptas in South Africa made the President of South Africa step down from the post of the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. This problem has been doing the rounds since the mid of 2016. This problem made the headlines of the Indian newspapers after the PNB bank scam; the government was keen on knowledge of which other banks are involved in scams that squandered people's money. Bank of Baroda in South Africa has helped the rich men to make some illegal transactions.

Who are these Guptas?

These Guptas hail from the district of Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. They were a small-time business people from India. They had migrated to South Africa decade back,and they were in contact with the ex-President Jacob Zuma even before he held the post of the President. The Guptas established a huge chain of companies called Sahara group of companies that employs over 10,000 people in South Africa. There was already some conspiracy doing the rounds that the Guptas are running the country of South Africa with the government as puppets.

What aroused the citizens?

The Guptas have been associated with the South African delegates for long,but the citizens rose in opposition after they noticed some real incidents that were being done in favor of the Guptas.

  • The usage of the official Jet and the Helipad

The Jet that was supposed to be used only for the official purposes for the receiving of the leaders from other countries was used by the Gupta family for their family wedding.

  • The agriculture income-based swindle

The taxes that are gathered in South Africa is only from the agriculture. The Guptas have used the dairy products for their purposes.

  • The coal deal and the nuclear deal

The Guptas have signed billion dollars' worth dealing with the help of the president of Jacob Zuma. The company has close bonds with the family members of the Guptas,and this gave them the boost to commit aneconomic offense without having a second thought or guilt consciousness.

This scam would not have come out if not for a watchdogwhistleblowerwho was unhappy with the activities of their party. This is yet another case that shows that a government should not favor capitalists at the cost of people's money as when the people start voicing out, even the biggest leaders can be brought down from their thrones.

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