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“The Fourth Day of the Sayaji Startup Summit 2017”

“The Fourth Day of the Sayaji Startup Summit 2017”

Just like the previous three days first the teams came up, pitched about their product in front of the jury and then attended the workshop. The categories for fourth day pitching were VR, AR, Robotics, Electronics, Defence & Aviation Startups. The pitching went on till the evening followed by the workshop.

The results of the pitching were as follows:


- Pixel LED

- Automation in structural health monitoring and structural condition assessment

- Automatic Rationing system


- Stardust technologies

- 1 to 3 APFC

- Smart robot for railway track inspection system

- Segal (point of sale system)


- Electric bike (viral savaliya)

- E-book on-line store

- Automotive battery and solar (digvijaysingh)

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The guest for the workshop was Advocate Avadhoot V Sumant whose topic was “PATENT AND COPYRIGHT.” Some of his words are as follows: “The song which u hear about any product or a tag line have a copyright which means that no other company can use those for its own products.”

Patent requires compulsory registration under the law without it which it is of no importance. But trade mark doesn’t require a trademark, that is it does not require to be registered. He gave various examples to explain the meanings of trade mark, patents and copyrights. He talked about remedies, injunctions or damages that are available with the patents, trademarks and copy rights; And he also talked about some cases filed against the trademark , patents and copyright cases in past years.

The categories for Monday's pitching are Clean Tech, Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructure Startups and the workshop will be conducted by Dr. Prarthan Desai.

He will speak on the topic: How to make a business plan and model for pitching.

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