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The fifth day of Sayaji Startup Summit 2017

The fifth day of Sayaji Startup Summit 2017

The fifth day of the Startup Summit started of well with the pitching sessions. The categories for the pitching were Clean Tech, Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructure Startups.

There were great new ideas presented today at the pitching. The results for today’s pitching were:


- Revy environmental solution.

- Dragon fruit

- Automatic pumping system

- Stonic


- AACB bricks (Ritul shah)


- Automatic solar irrigation system

- Dur tree ecoimpluse (kavi vaghela)

- Cowdung (sadanand and nishat)

- Tech vin (sumed mistry)


- Harvesting energy (college project)

The guest for the workshop was Dr. Prarthan Desai who said some inspiring words to the audience present there. The topic for the workshop was “HOW TO MAKE BUSSINESS PLAN AND MODEL FOR PITCHING”.

According to him a business model converts a venture idea into an interconnected set of core business decisions and tradeoffs in order to earn profit. A business model makes the enactment of a new venture enterprise understandable, analysable, and explainable.

He said, “A business plan is a document that articulates what a business is about.” It helps check if the business model is viable or not. Potential investors look for the people, the opportunity, the context and the risk management in a business plan. He helped the audience to make the business plan perfect which would in turn interest the investors for the business.

There was also an activity of plantation, tree adoption drive and cow dung soil seed balls. It was initiated by UGAM foundation in collaboration with COUNTRYBUTION SUMMER SOCIAL INTERNSHIP and NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME (NSS), FACULTY OF COMMERCE, MSU supported by Youth for Seva and institute of leadership and governance, MSU on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June 2017 at institute of leadership and governance, MSU.

The topic for 6th day's pitching are Social Entrepreneurship, Textile, Tourism & Hospitality Startups. The workshop for the 6th day will be conducted by Taruna Suryavanshi And Dipankar Das on the

Topic: How to pitch an idea and Startups Leadership?

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