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“The 8th day of Sayaji Startup Summit 2017”

“The 8th day of Sayaji Startup Summit 2017”

The pitching of 8th day at the Sayaji Startup Summit started with Automobile, Space & Transportation Startups. The pitching as usual was done in front of the jury members.

The result for the day were:


- Box play

- Kachara machine

unnamed (10)


- Nirvana motors

- Turbine tower

- Star- sunny


- Express ways

- Seviceko

- Recycle usel engine oid

- Milo ki biryani

- Electric motor cycle

▷ MAKE IN VADODARA: (college projects)

- GUI development in ARM cortex MP4 platform

- Breathe to speech convertor

- Super capacitor and li-iron based electric bicycle and storage system

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The guest for the workshop for 8th day were Nirav Majumdar and Vishwas Jambu speaking on the topic How to sustain and grow your startups and How to build a good team?

Nirav Majumdar started by saying that any company first needs to sustain the market and then think of growing. Without sustaining the market the company cannot grow. He gave the case study of a company which helped the audience to relate with his topic.

Vishwas Jambu said the best time to start a business is today. Find people who believe in what you believe. Surround yourself who believes in you who will make an amazing team with you. Before you go to global, learn from local. You need to be the first, fast and fantastic to succeed in your business.

Thursday was the last workshop organised by the Sayaji Startup Summit.

On Friday the startups who were selected in the initial round for funding during these 8 days will be presenting their ideas before various investors, incubators and nodal agencies. The startups will get an opportunity to present themselves in front of investors, incubators and agencies like CIIE- IIM Ahemdabad and the world’s first start-up university which is swarnim startup and innovation university, and many more

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