Tensions running high in Ektanagar following the death of youth


Strict police deployment kept near attackers house to avoid any untoward inciden

Dhrigesh Pawar, who was critically injured in a scuffle between two families on September 30 in Ektanagar on Ajwa Road in Vadodara city, died at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital on Monday morning. Tensions are running high in Ektanagar following the death of the 20-year-old man. Strict police deployment has been kept in Ektanagar following fears of a clash between the two communities following the incident.

As per available details, Dhrigesh Rameshbhai Pawar, a resident of Ektanagar, was passing by in an auto rickshaw on September 30. At that time there was a quarrel with Muslim family over garbage. Dhrigesh was hit on the head with a iron pipe by the members of a Muslim family. The seriously injured youth was rushed to Sayaji Hospital and the matter was reported to the Bapod police station at that time. Based on the complaint, the police arrested the attackers and sent them to jail.

Dhrigesh Pawar died this morning on Monday during a short treatment at the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. As the news of his death reached Ektanagar a outrage towards the muslim family spread among the family and people. As crowds gathered the police team reached the spot and kept a strict watch on the activities.

According to the information, the locals gathered at Dhrigesh’s residence before his body was brought to Ektanagar. Strict police deployment was kept near the house of attackers family as precautionary step in view of the outrage among people.


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