A donation drive for Moharram lead to death of one in Vadodara after the two had an heated argument over the matter. The victim was a tempo driver and living in Vuda houses in Bapod area.
As per the available details Manhar Variya 57 was sitting near his house when a person named Nasir living in the same area approached him for the donation for Moharram. However a heated argument started between the both over it and Nasir attacked Variya with sharp edge weapon.
As per the sources wife of Manhar Variya tried to save her husband but she was also attacked by the attackers. However Manhar died with serious injuries and the attackers ran away from the spot.
Bapod police also arrived on the spot after the incident and make elaborate arrangements to calm the situation. It was also known that two brothers of the deceased is serving in the police department.