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WhatsApp now supports polls on Android and iOS

One can now create polls

WhatsApp now supports polls on Android and iOS

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for users on Android and iOS. One can now create polls.

The polls option is not showing for WhatsApp Web yet, but we expect it will roll out eventually to the platform as well.

Polls are reflecting on individual and group chats. Users can add up to 12 options in a poll.

Incidentally if you type in one option again, WhatsApp will also warn of the same.

Make sure you are updated to the latest version of WhatsApp on both iOS and Android. Then open the app and any chat–individual or group chat.

On iOS, tap the plus symbol next to the chat box where you typically type in messages. On Android, press on the 'paperclip' symbol which is part of the chat box.

You will see a menu open on both iOS and Android respectively. Polls is the option which is at the end of the list.

Tap on Poll and a new menu will open up on both the platforms.

WhatsApp will ask you type in your poll question and add answer options. In our experience, WhatsApp let us add up to 12 option as answers.

The poll also has an option for Viewing votes at the bottom. WhatsApp shows the number of votes polled next to a response as well.

Given how WhatsApp groups have become a daily part of our existence, the new polls feature will likely appeal to many admins.

It could make it easier to get group consensus on some thorny issues, be it planning the day's lunch or fixing time for a meeting.

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