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Visually challenged SBI staffer develops app to automate daily banking tasks, without any coding knowledge

The application is currently accessible to all employees

Visually challenged SBI staffer develops app to automate daily banking tasks, without any coding knowledge

B Ramkumar, who lost his vision to congenital Glaucoma by the time he was in fifth grade, to automate the task of collecting daily data at the State Bank of India (SBI) using an app, that too without any knowledge of coding.

The 38-year-old’s Digi Toolkit now allows all SBI employees input data that is later automatically collated.

As manager for digital and transaction banking at the SBI, Chennai Circle, Ramkumar understood there was a need to collect a vast amount of data from around 1,500 branches spread across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Around this time, a chance meeting with Praveen Kumar from the housing loan sales department led to the creation of Digi Toolkit. Praveen, who too was facing some similar challenges, told Ramkumar about the Microsoft Power Apps platform.

After a colleague volunteered to do the user acceptance test, they created a prototype and submitted it to the DGM Shailendra Dixit, who was overwhelmed by the efficiency of the application. Dixit later allowed the group to create the app.

The application is currently accessible to all employees, and Ramkumar takes pride in the fact that they developed an application with inclusivity in mind.

The multi-faceted Digi Toolkit has simplified campaign tracking and lead tracking and has “various tools in its arsenal”. Ramkumar says Digi Toolkit app has offered 100 per cent automation in daily reporting tasks.

Perhaps, the most interesting facet of Ramkumar’s initiative is that he created an entire app without the slightest knowledge of coding or programming thanks to Microsoft Power Apps, a platform that helps in driving innovation with low-code tools.

Ramkumar knows technology has made it possible for him to complete his studies and land a job. Accessible technology, he says, plays a vital role in ensuring both social and financial security for differently-abled individuals.

The banker uses an iPhone as his primary smartphone and also has an Android device.

For Ramkumar, Microsoft’s Seeing AI iOS app helps him carry out day-to-day activities such as reading, scanning documents, and even reading handwritten notes.

According to Ramkumar, accessibility-centric apps on iOS or the default apps on iPhone help differently-abled individuals gain a sense of freedom.

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