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Vadodara boy turned petrol bike into electric bike

Input many functions to make it safe riding for women

Vadodara boy turned petrol bike into electric bike

The rising fuel cost make people to think about turning towards electric vehicles, which helps in saving as well as protecting the environment. A Vadodara youth with his innovative skills turned a petrol run bike into electric one and include many functions for smooth riding. The bike is safe to ride for women with its reverse and easy handling functions.

Mithilesh Patel from Vadodara is a diploma Civil dropout and engaged in designing some unique products throughout his career. He runs a company called Vraj Innovator (Research and Development Center) and about 20 patents in his name. His name is also registered in virtual India Book of Records.

"Rising fuel cost and new Motor Vehicle Act requires health verification of 20 year old vehicles is something really a concern for people. In addition the pollution from the vehicles are a worry and need to be addressed seriously. The Yamaha R15 bike petrol engine is replaced by Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor with Lithium Battery pack of 2 Kilowatt.

It has a regenerative system which help the bike to charge 20 to 25% in running. Central locking anti theft system, V8 engine noise in electric wheels, GPS and track telemetry and solar charging system. It has a maximum speed of 76 Km / h and also has reverse drive. The bike gives an average of 80 to 90 in one charge i.e. 5 to 6 hours of charging with a normal charger. With 30% self-charging from the regenerative brake system, the bike takes 26 hours in making with old bike's original chassis is fitted with a motor battery without any welding and without straining its strength, " Said Mithilesh.

The costing is around 1.22 lakhs with Research and Development and he will put the making video free of cost on his youtube channel to teach people as part of environment protection, Skill India, self-reliant India mission.

The main reason behind this bike is an attempt to inspire the next generation to save the environment in 2021 under Environmental Protection and Skill India Self-Reliant India. It's the re launch of the 2010 Water Fuel Electric Bike.

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