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The forthcoming Apple electric car to feature a distinctive and futuristic sunroof

Enhanced sunroof added to the list of numerous futuristic innovations on the Apple automobile, as Apple has patented the unique technology

The forthcoming Apple electric car to feature a distinctive and futuristic sunroof

Apple's automobile has always made headlines for the cutting-edge technology it employs. Apple has now patented an unexpected sunroof technology for the awaiting automobile, in a similar upgrade. This new patented design has a futuristic feel to it.

The revolutionary sunroof will allow drivers to control how much light enters the car's cabin by adjusting the transparency of the sunroof. It does not need to open like a regular sunroof to allow light to pass through.

Various illustrations of what looks to be a car's roof are also included in the document. Some of the diagrams, according to the claims, show how the sunroof might move.

"Another aspect of the disclosed embodiments is a vehicle that includes a window and a variable translucence area defined on the window. The variable translucence area is controllable to allow the desired degree of light admission through the window," reads the patent, referring to the unique sunroof.

Apple Car is also planned to deploy LED screens throughout the car to keep other drivers informed about the self-driving system's activities. The display would include graphics and video to provide brake information, vehicle speed, and other signals.

The screens might display a goodbye message or a welcome message for drivers parking the vehicle, according to the study. The forthcoming Appel Car is expected to have a "C1" chip based on the A12 Bionic CPU, which will include in-cabin AI features like eye-tracking.

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