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Telegram offers new features at the end of the year: Reactions, Message Translation, etc

Telegram Messenger added various new capabilities for users, including reaction to messages and 'Spoiler text,' among other things

Telegram offers new features at the end of the year: Reactions, Message Translation, etc

In a year-end update, Telegram Messenger added various new features for users, including reaction to messages, message translation, themed QR codes, and hidden text. Here's a quick rundown of the new features.


Emojis can now be used to respond to individual messages in Telegram. Reactions are enabled for all private chats, but the administration will decide if the feature can be enabled for group chats and channels. Each reply has its own distinct animation. Apps like Instagram's Direct Messaging and Facebook Messenger already have the feature.

Remember that there is a 'default' Reaction that is applied to all private talks. Users can update their preferences in the settings section. Users on Android can access Chat Settings > Quick Reaction by going to Chat Settings > Quick Reaction. They can access Quick Reaction in iOS by going to Stickers & Emoji > Quick Reaction. Pick your preferred reaction from the selection, which can be your default for most communications, once you've entered the option.

Admins can manage reactions by going to the Info Page > Edit > Reactions of their group or channel.

Message Translation

Users will also be able to translate any message into another language straight within the app, albeit this will be dependent on the operating system's language translation functionality. The translation capability is accessible on all Telegram-enabled Android handsets. However, in order to utilise the app on iOS, users must be running iOS 15 or higher. The number of languages supported is the same as the number of languages available on the operating system.

To enable the translation option, head to app Settings> Language, where you'll find a new dedicated Show Translate button to toggle on. You can also choose to exclude any languages in which you are fluent, in which case the translate button for communications in that language will be disabled.


Spoilers is a new feature that allows users to hide a specific piece of the text using 'Spoiler' style. The chat list and notifications are also affected by this hidden content. If the recipient chooses to tap the message, the secret text will be exposed.

Themed QR Codes

Users of Telegram can now produce QR codes for anyone with a public username. This applies to groups, channels, and bots as well. This makes it simple to quickly highlight someone's profile. Users can choose the colours and pattern by tapping the new QR code symbol next to a person's username. Additionally, the QR code can be printed or shared with other apps and platforms.

New Menus for macOS

For the macOS version, Telegram has also overhauled all of the context menus. This includes introducing new shortcut tips and dynamic icons to each of the app's menu items.

New Menus for macOS

The app has also received new interactive versions of select emoticons. The following emojis are compatible with the new animations: Users can send any of them in private messages, and then tap to activate a full-screen version of the same.

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