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Read to Know About Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Mileage, Fuel Efficiency and More

If the rising fuel expenses are burning a hole in your pocket, or the heavy traffic jams are stopping you from reaching your office on time, it's time to buy your own bike! A fuel-efficient bike will help you save fuel money, reach your destination on time, and save you from the hassle of catching public transport in scorching heat or harsh winters.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is one such bike that is extremely fuel efficient, is from the infamous Pulsar line up and offers a high return on investment. So read ahead to learn more about the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage, fuel efficiency and price.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160: Overview

Before we begin with the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage, fuel efficiency and such, it is essential to first know about the bike's features. Here are the key features:

1. Pulsar NS160 gives best-in-class performance with 17.2 PS Power

2. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is a naked streetfighter with a muscular build.

3. Advanced oil cooling system to keep the bike engine from heating during long rides at high-speeds or high-temperature,

4. Engaging ergonomics with forward-biased riding position.

5. Upside down the front fork to tackle every nook and corner.

6. Display console to keep a check on distance-to-empty readouts, fuel economy, gear indicator and speed and such.

7. Dual-channel ABS braking allows the rider to control the bike's movement.

8. Available in two colours- Ebony Black and Pearl Metallic White

9. Twin-spark, four valve, and DTS-I engine.

10. Fuel injection system

11. 160.3cc engine displacement

12. 12 litres fuel tank capacity

13. Nitrox mono shock absorber with canister suspension in the rear

14. Bajaj Pulsar NS160's ground clearance is 170mm, and the wheelbase is 1372mm.

15. The Kerb weight of the bike is 152 kg.

Now that you know all about the features, read ahead to know about the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 fuel mileage.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Fuel Mileage

A bike's mileage is determined by the miles it covers in a litre of fuel. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 fuel mileage is considered one of the best in the market. Since the Pulsar NS160's fuel tank capacity is 12 litres, as mentioned above, and it is a sports bike designed for power and speed, it can easily cover around 40-50 km/litre. However, you need to understand that a bike's mileage depends upon various factors other than its technology, such as:

1. Rider's riding stance also affects the bike's mileage. If the rider keeps accelerating, takes frequent sudden brakes, or rides the bike aggressively, it can significantly reduce the mileage.

2. If you live in a hilly area or drive on roads filled with potholes, the bike will use more fuel.

3. If you carry a lot of weight on a regular basis, you will get less fuel efficiency.

4. The fuel quality also impacts the bike's fuel efficiency.

5. The temperature, humidity and wind also impact the mileage and fuel efficiency of the bike.

6. The engine's condition is also crucial in maintaining the bike's fuel efficiency and mileage.

7. If you ride with a pillion rider, the weight will increase, and the bike will use more fuel for power.

8. The kerb weight of the bike also impacts the fuel efficiency.

9. Taking short trips or changing gears frequently

10. If your bike is old, it will be less fuel efficient.

How to Maintain Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Mileage?

1. Ride at a steady speed to increase your Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage.

2. Avoid parking it in direct sunlight.

3. Turn off the bike's engine in traffic jams or while waiting at a red light.

4. Keep the engine well-oiled and clean.

5. Use good quality fuel, or your Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage will degrade over time.

6. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is lightweight and does not impact the mileage much.

7. To increase your Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage, get it serviced regularly from the authorized service station.

8. Keep the fuel tank clean and remove the junk deposited over time.

9. Remember to keep your hands in control and avoid hitting the clutch frequently.

If you follow all these steps, your Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage or any other bike’s mileage will increase drastically.


Bajaj Pulsar NS160 mileage, fuel efficiency, and technology are among the best in the market. The bike turned out to be a massive success among bike riders and is still in demand. Another critical reason the motorcycle took the market by storm is that it is manufactured by Bajaj Auto. One of the leading bike manufacturers in India, Bajaj Auto is known for premium quality bikes under an affordable price range. Their dealerships are available across the country, and you will not have to worry about servicing, spare parts, or such if you bike the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 or any other bike from Bajaj Auto. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Bajaj Auto dealership today and book your bike now!

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