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Netflix has added a long-awaited feature that improves the service

The new feature clears the clutter, which is fantastic

Netflix has added a long-awaited feature that improves the service

When we're squandering time on OTT platforms and looking for anything new to watch, it's not uncommon for us to start a show and then abandon it halfway through because we don't enjoy it. The majority of these OTT sites save whatever you were watching in a "Continue Watching" queue so you can immediately return to it.

Now, it's possible that you have no plans to watch that show again and would prefer to remove it from your home screen, at least from the shows you see at first glance.

Netflix's latest functionality will allow you to do so at long last. The streaming platform now includes a feature in its TV interface that allows users to change the "Continue Watching" queue manually.

So, if you watched Too Hot to Handle for 10 minutes and declared it the worst mistake of your life, it won't appear on the 'Continue Watching' list again. This effectively allows you to clean up your home page, making it easier to access episodes and movies that you truly want to keep viewing.

Of course, the titles you manually remove from the Continue Watching queue will still appear in other lists on the site, but they won't be as prominently displayed.

Netflix has been testing this feature for quite some time, beginning with a small group of Android customers roughly two years ago. The business then gradually began to roll it out to more people, eventually reaching all smartphones.

To use this feature, simply click on the title that you want to remove. This will bring up the feature's trailer as well as a menu of options on the left, such as continue watching, episodes, and so on.

To remove it from the Continue Watching queue, scroll down the list until you see the opportunity to do so. If you change your mind and want to watch Too Hot to Handle again, there is also an option to 'undo' it. It's fine; we don't pass judgement.

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