iOS 16 unveiled with revamped lock screen, notifications, system apps at WWDC 2022

Apple has official unveiled iOS 16, the next-generation version of its operating system for compatible iPhone models.

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iOS 16 unveiled with revamped lock screen, notifications, system apps at WWDC 2022

Apple has official unveiled iOS 16, the next-generation version of its operating system for compatible iPhone models. 

As previous leaks and rumours suggested, Apple has introduced changes and improvements across the system at its annual WWDC keynote event. 

The software update to iOS 16 will arrive later this year on iPhone 8 and later devices likely in September  and will feature improvements to the operating system, including an overhauled lock screen and notification system, along with improved and redesigned system apps. 

Developer previews will be available this week followed by a public beta next month, ahead of the public rollout later this year.

Improved Lock Screen support

The iOS 16 update will bring one of the biggest updates to the iOS Lock Screen in years with multi-layered cutomisation options.

Users will have access to wallpapers with widget-like capabilities and the OS will allow users to pick from different typefaces and colour filters while customising their setup.

They can also add widgets for upcoming calendar events, workout status and choose multiple widgets, while picking wallpapers and presets from a curated selection provided by Apple.

iOS 16 will bring multi-layered customisation options to the Lock Screen

iOS 16 will also offer a Photo Shuffle mode that will allow users to automatically switch up their lockscreens. 

The update will also bring support for a Weather wallpaper that will show live weather conditions on the lockscreen, or an Astronomy wallpaper, to see views of the Earth, Moon, and solar system. 

Developers can also use WidgetKit to make it easier to bring their content to the lockscreen, according to Apple.

Apple has revamped notifications on iOS 16, so they don't get in the way of personalised wallpapers and Lock Screen layouts.

The lockscreen notifications on iOS will now scroll in from the bottom of the screen, making them easier to tap and access with one hand.

Users can also pick from apps that make use of the Live Activities API to bring live game scores, check their Uber ride, or control music, from the lock screen, according to Apple.

Focus Modes

Focus modes were introduced with iOS 15, and Apple is bringing them to the lockscreen with iOS 16. Users can now activate Focus modes from the lock screen with a swipe from the lock screen. 

Users will be able to tie a Lock Screen Wallpaper and widget set up to a particular Focus mode, allowing them to switch between Focus modes by simply swiping to the corresponding Lock Screen.

With the arrival of iOS 16, Apple will also bring deeper integration for Focus modes to its own apps, allowing users to filter out tabs, accounts, email, and features from apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages and Safari. 

Apple will alert users with a message that says Filtered by Focus, for example, in the Messages app. This functionality will also be extended to third party apps, according to the company.

The Messages app will be updated with the ability to edit and unsend texts.


Messages is getting a massive update, with the ability to edit messages.

This is a feature that is offered on specific messaging apps, such as Telegram. 

Users can also undo sending of messages, allowing users to recall messages this is a feature also offered on apps like Signal, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Users can also mark messages as unread, allowing them to come back to a conversation at a later time, according to Apple.

SharePlay is also coming to Messages with iOS 16, allowing users to watch synced content like movies and songs, while sharing playback controls in a Messages chat, according to Apple.


Scheduling for emails is coming to the Mail app on iOS 16, according to Apple. 

Users will also be able to cancel the sending of an email, before it is delivered to a recipient's inbox. 

Users will also be reminded if they forgot to add an attachment to their email and resurface older messages with Remind Later and Follow Up suggestions. 

It is worth noting that these features are offered on competing services and apps, such as Gmail. Apple is also updating the search feature in the Mail app, and will surface recent emails, contacts, documents, and links as they search for emails.

Improvements to Dictation, Live Text, Visual Look Up

Apple has introduced a new on device dictation experience with iOS 16. The upcoming update will let users dictate text while leaving they keyboard open allowing them to add specific words or punctuation in. The dictation, which will be processed entirely on device, will also automatically add punctuation and emoji.

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