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Facebook Messenger now has end-to-end encryption, on group calls and conversations

If someone takes a snapshot of an encrypted communication, you'll be notified

Facebook Messenger now has end-to-end encryption, on group calls and conversations

While we may have to wait a little longer for Facebook Messenger to get end-to-end encryption (E2EE), Meta (formerly Facebook) has announced that E2EE is now available in group chats and calls in Messenger. In addition, like Snapchat, another security feature has been added to Messenger: screenshot notifications in E2EE talks. If someone snaps a photo from Messenger's vanishing messages, this function will notify the user. GIFs, stickers, and reactions will be able to be added to encrypted chats by Messenger users.

In August of last year, Meta announced support for E2EE group chats and calls, allowing users to keep their private communications protected from "criminals and non-state surveillance." Many governments criticised the plans, claiming that Meta's enhanced encryption efforts would "complicate law enforcement's ability to investigate crimes."

Meta, on the other hand, pointed out that E2EE is already in use by messaging systems like WhatsApp and is quickly becoming a standard.

Meta, on the other hand, did not make E2EE available for group calls and chats when they announced it last year. However, they began testing the functionality with friends and family who already had active chat threads. The firm also said that it will begin testing delivery controls for E2EE chats, which would allow users to "prevent unwanted interactions so they could choose who got to their chat list, their message request folder, and who couldn't message at all," according to the company. Users throughout the world may now access the function, which can be switched on for private talks.

If someone takes a screenshot of a vanishing message in E2EE talks, Messenger will alert users. The disappear mode in Messenger already has this feature. This vanish function works similarly to what we've seen on Snapchat, where messages vanish after being viewed.

Users will be notified if someone captures a screenshot of a vanish mode chat or a disappearing message in E2EE chats using this new Messenger feature. This notification option will be available in the next weeks, according to Meta.

GIFs, stickers, responses, the ability to reply to a specific thread, typing indicators, choices to forward a message, and other features are now available in E2EE chats, some of which were previously unavailable in non-E2EE chats. Long-pressing on a photo or video in an E2EE chat now saves it, and films and photos can also be altered before being transmitted.

All of the new capabilities will be gradually rolled out across all Messenger platforms, including web and mobile.

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