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Capcom officially announces Street Fighter 6

The announcement coincides with the franchise’s 35th year anniversary and currently features no release date.

Capcom officially announces Street Fighter 6

As revealed in their countdown website, Capcom has officially announced the latest instalment to their competitive fighting video game Street Fighter 6. The publisher is finally moving onto a new edition, following Street Fighter 5's launch about 6 years ago.

The short teaser showcased a face-off between a beefed-up Ryu and Luke, the 45th the final DLC (downloadable content) character to join Street Fighter 5. Capcom has not stated whether the footage is a cinematic or in-engine, though it looks quite promising with the high-resolution textures, lighting, and sweat. The animations look identical to recent Capcom projects such as the Resident Evil remakes.

The announcement coincides with the franchise's 35th year anniversary and currently features no release date. Capcom, however, has stated that more news on the same will be coming this summer.

As part of the celebration, the publisher also revealed the Capcom Fighting Collection. It is a 10 video game anthology of classic 2D fighting titles including the full Darkstalkers series, Street Fighter 2, and more.

The developers have also allowed for online play, with a rollback netcode that eliminates any network delay by predicting your moves.

The game's AI records the player's past actions, and in the event of a network error, deploys it against the online enemy. The collection will be released on June 24, 2022, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam.

While Street Fighter is a popular franchise by itself, fans were expecting Capcom to show off the unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake. Recent leaks revealed that the company is expecting to announce the title in Q1 2022, and features some story changes, involving the timeline in-game.

In the original RE4, special agent Leon Kennedy arrives in the plague-ridden village during daytime. But, Capcom's Division-1 seems to be changing it to dusk to create a more "spooky" tone. Other changes include an expansion to the Assignment: Ada side-mission and a coherent Separate Ways mini-game.

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