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Anti Theft Mobile Tracker launches Mobispy app in Vadodara

Claims to be track your stolen mobile keeping your privacy intact

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker launches Mobispy app in Vadodara

Mobiles become a very important and integral part of our lives and we never think about a day without them. From sharing our moments, chatting with friends and online teaching during the pandemic, learning as well as for financial transactions, mobiles are just like our faithful companion. However we always worry about the handset being stolen and someone can easily access our data.

An innovative app for the protection of your mobile has been launched by young entrepreneurs in Vadodara. The MobySpy app for android users can help people track their stolen mobile with pictures of the person who steal it. The app track the mobile continuosly and send pictures every five seconds to the secondary mobile of the victim. The designers claimed that the data is intact during the process as the accused never switched off the mobile as the app locked it and trace the location continuosly.

The innovative app MobySpy for mobile security has been launched by young entrepreneurs and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is an anti-theft mobile tracker that will protect the mobile in various ways. It provides remote track facility mainly related to women security including SOS, Data Backup, Anti Theft Mobile Tracker, Password Facility, Location Provider without Internet, Unauthorized Sim Identification, RAM Booster and remotely track facility. This application claims to be protects your documents as well as the mobile.

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