Teaser of much awaited film ‘Ratanpur’ launched


The teaser of the much talked about Gujarati film ‘Ratanpur’ is released today on Saturday. The movie has been making buzz for the last few months, especially after the launch of its poster. Ratanpur is a true Gujarati flavour movie which takes the audience to some of the unexplored and mystic locations in Gujarat. MS Jolly the maker of the film plans to release it at the end of November and expecting to give a new dimension of film making in Gujarat.

MS Jolly while sharing the facts regarding the movie said, “The film ‘Ratanpur’ is a murder mystery shot in totally new untouched locations in Gujarat. The film is about policing and the storyline is such that it can make the audience wait for the mystery to unveil in the next scene.”

“We want to make a film totally on international standards with reality. The locations are untouched and real which gives the perfect blend for our movie. Like the Hollywood movies we shoot the scenes of that standard and maintain the authenticity about even small things in the film. We want to maintain the mystery of the film and hence we only clubbed one song in the movie sung by famous playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan and captured on different locations,” said Vipul Sharma director of the film.

He further said that the storyline is such that it captured the audience till the end. “We want the storyline to be such that it make the audience sit till the end. Unlike other films where people assume the next scene we make sure that the mystery unfolds is much to the surprise for the audience sitting inside the theatre,” said Sharma.

Ratanpur is produced by MS Jolly owned Prolife Entertainment and Productions Pvt Ltd while talking to Connect Gujarat producer MS Jolly said, “Our film has the all Gujarati cast which gives the local flavour to it. We want to give the local talents a chance and polish them through this film. Secondly the new and untouched locations in our film will definitely give the other local and bollywood producers to shoot here. In addition the Gujarat tourism will also benefit from this. The whole idea is to make a good International standard Gujarati movie which gives the industry a much needed push towards its existence,” he added.

After the teaser the trailer of the film will be released soon on all the platforms and the makers are planning to release the film at the end of November. Movie stars Tushar Sadhu, Priyanka Tiwari, Uday Dangar, Haresh Dagia, Vishal Vaishya, Jay Pandya, Dipen Raval, Jimmy Nanda, Sunil Vaghela, Jigar Bundela, Nirmit Vaishnav, Riya Subodh, Parmeshwer Sirsikar, Shivani, Bhargav Joshi are in key roles.


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