When an individual suffers from more than one complicated disease, then his line of treatment becomes extremely crucial. Hence, if a patient, who is struggling for life due to cancer and heart disease together, is saved due to the experience of doctors, sophisticated technology, and intensive treatment alongside the best-in-class planning and assistive facilities available under one roof, this becomes a matter of stellar achievement and pride for the concerned doctor or hospital.

Such an incident took place at Sterling Hospital, Vadodara. In this case, the expert cancer and heart disease team of Sterling conducted complex surgeries in an emergency crisis situation on three patients suffering from cancer and heart disease by utilizing best-in-class treatment procedures, thereby gifting them happiness and joy.

4th February every year is celebrated as World Cancer Day with the purpose of bringing awareness about Cancer in society. It becomes extremely essential to provide the correct line of treatment and appropriate guidance at the appropriate location to patients suffering from cancer and heart disease.

Concerning this aspect, Dr. Gaurav Goyal, heart disease specialist of Sterling Hospital informed that ordinarily, when the patient approaches the hospital with problems like cancer and heart disease, then it is extremely essential to provide quick, accurate, and highly intensive treatment to them. In such circumstances, the concerned specialists decide upon the entire method necessary for the treatment. This is known as the line of treatment. At the same time, since the individual needs to pass through various types of tests and treatment procedures, the patient requires constant encouragement so that they maintain a high level of morale.

If any flaws remain in the treatment process, or if the treatment is not provided at the earliest opportunity, then the life of the patient is put at risk.  However, if the patient can access an orderly infrastructure, expertise of the specialists and timely treatment, then without doubt, the patient can obtain a new lease of life.

Adding further to this aspect, Cancer Surgeon Dr. Dipayan Nandi mentioned that such a critical situation becomes a challenge not only for the patient but for the doctor too.  Along with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, it is essential to evaluate the heart at every instant so that the right surgical treatment can be provided.  At the same time, it is essential that the patient recovers in the least possible time and returns to live a quality life. Sterling Hospital, Vadodara is fully equipped to provide the best-in-class treatment in such complicated cases.

Providing further information in this case, Hemant Bhatnagar, Centre Head, Sterling Hospital, Vadodara, said that the forthcoming cancer hospital will be equipped with the most advanced systems for treatment of cancer and will be staffed with highly experienced specialists at par with national and international standards.

Moreover, experts from medical, surgical, and radiation oncology will also be available.  It is our hope that the advent of this cancer hospital will undoubtedly prove to be a boon and blessing to thousands of patients from Vadodara and surrounding areas for quality treatment.