Made permanent tattoo on his wrist to remember the historical decision forever

Pradeep Sinh Rajput made a permanent tattoo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his left wrist after the 370 article revoked from Jammu and Kashmir. The idea is to imprint the historical idea for ever in the mind as it opens a new chapter in Indian history.

Pradeep a self made artist is so impressed by the BJP ruling and specially the decision to revoke 370 from J&K,  that he decide to draw a permanent tattoo on his body. He draw the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to welcome the decision and make the country a united India.

“The revoking of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir gives a new lease of life to the valley. I want to celebrate the ocassion and keep it permanently in my mind. Hence I decide to draw a permanent tattoo of PM Narendra Modi on my wrist as whenever I see it reminds me the historical decision,” said Pradeep.

It took him nearly four hours to draw the tattoo using the skin friendly permanent ink and needle. The tattoo gives him the feeling of being independent and move towards the path of development.


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