Dance plus fame dancing duo Tarun and Shivani is all set to enjoy the traditional Vadodara garba on Wednesday night. The artists land in the city and are excited to enjoy their first ever garba in the city.

Tarun Nehlani from Maharashtra and Shivani Patel from Ahmedabad Gujarat introduced a new dance form contemporary with lifts and kicks which became famous in the celebrated dance show. They became a brand called Tarun Shivani and wish to be known like the same name.

Both the dancers reached Vadodara to enjoy the Navratri festival for the very first time. Both the stars are happy enough to be known as Tarun Shivani brand and wish to take it forward by taking part in reality and award shows.

They also said about fusion in dance is what people like at present but the way of presentation is important. Both of them will be seen in a upcoming bollywood movie in a song sequence.