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Tamil Nadu farmers protest with human skull

Tamil Nadu farmers protest with human skull

Tamil Nadu Farmers protested in Delhi with human skull. They said that human skulls represent farmers who committed suicide because of drought. This protest is heartwarming and unique in it self.

The protest is getting huge day by day as they are using different ways of protesting to open closed eyes of government. Now they have started to protest by keeping a living rat between their teeth.

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Farmers said, 'If things do not improve then we will be forced to eat rats'.

This is Irony of our society that these farmers are not looking to the vote bank, they are not the topic of conversation for those who are demanding #abhivyaktikiazadi, and even not for those who saw intolerance in country. That's why these farmer's protest is not trending.

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India is proud of a slogan, given by Lal Bahadur Shastri “Jay Jawan Jay Kisaan”. Are we really sensitive about it now - is the crutial question for country.

Illiteracy is another fact and reason of this issue. Farmers do not get basic education about government schemes, benefits and programmes that can help them in times of calamity.

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