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Talk on intersection of journalistic and creative writing by Elizabeth Kadetsky in MSU FJC

Talk on intersection of journalistic and creative writing by Elizabeth Kadetsky in MSU FJC

The students of Faculty of Journalism and Communication (FJC), M.S. University has a rich interactive session with the celebrated creative writer Professor Elizabeth Nicole Kadetsky. Kadetsky is an US based creative writer and journalist, currently living and working in Ahmedabad on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Elizabeth Nicole Kadetsky

Associate Professor/ Creative Writing (fiction and nonfiction) Penn State University USA is working on various projects which involves

conducting interviews with Museologists and Indologists about archaeology and antiquities preservation in Gujarat and Rajasthan. She also travel for information gathering to other parts of India, as well. She writes the plot narratives draws from real incidents and use her research skills as a journalist.

"Our students sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between journalistic and creative writing and Elizabeth has the dual speciality to clear it. She writes on real life instances and doing research on statues, sculptures of 15th to 20th century specially in Gujarat and Rajasthan. She will sensitise the students about the intersection between the two different fields and writing and motivate them to write. It will also improve their writing ability, prospects which help them in their careers," said Prof. Niti Chopra Dean FJC.

Elizabeth Kadetsky is the author of many books and story collection. Her personal essays appeared in many newspapers and also fellow at many creative writing residencies. A two-time Fulbright scholar to India and a 30-year practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga, her first book, a memoir- First There Is a Mountain (Little Brown, 2004) , was published after researching and studying with yogi-guru BKS Iyengar in Pune, India.

"I am putting forward my many works which includes the research in antiquities, preservation and also some high profile cases and stories. The aim is to show the students about my journey in discover and how the way they are projected. It will helpful to the students to search for their creativity in writing," said Kadetsky.

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