Tajpura village of Padra taluka keep itself corona free even in the scary second wave

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Tajpura village of Padra taluka keep itself corona free even in the scary second wave

95% people took the first dose of vaccine and follow the restrictions to keep themselves safe

Corona has caused havoc all over the world and in the second wave the villages could not escape the transition. In such scary situation Tajpura village, just three km away from Padra in Vadodara district, has made the 'Corona Free village' Saying meaningful in true sense.

Tajpura village has come together to provide an excellent example of how to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic and prevent this disease with the rural manpower. Sarpanch Dhruvit Patel credited the villagers for protecting the village from Corona infection and said that it was a result of the strict implementation of the government's guidelines and to follow them.

Regarding how the villagers prevent the first and second waves of Corona entering the village, the young Sarpanch says that a Covid Committee was formed in their village from the beginning. The people of Tajpura and the covid Committee imposed strict restrictions and the villagers remained vigilant so that even during these difficult times, the virus did not have any serious impact on the village.
He says that even in the second horrible wave of corona, almost nil cases have been reported in the village.

Sarpanch Dhruvit Patel says that since the onset of the epidemic in the state, a Covid Committee has been formed in the village. An action plan has been formulated and effectively implemented to ensure that no transition takes place in the village. In which every area of ​​the village was sanitized from time to time and sanitizers and masks were distributed to every person from the village panchayat.

Relatives have been banned from entering the village and no mask no entry boards have been put up at public places in the village. Strict enforcement of social distance and other guidelines are part of their work to ensure safety.

In the midst of the Corona epidemic, around seven weddings were held in the village as per the government guidelines. Sarpanch said that Tajpura village has survived the transition of the second wave of Corona due to the vigilance of the people. Cases of the common symptoms of corona virus are also negligible in the village.

He said that in order to bring out the misconceptions of the people about the corona vaccine, the members of the panchayat had created awareness among the people in the ward which has led to the first dose of covid vaccine being taken by 95% of the people in the village.

The villagers of Tajpura have also provided vegetables to the patients undergoing treatment at Covid Hospital in the Yajnapurush Sabha Mandap of Atladara Swaminarayan Temple in Vadodara.

An exemplary example of how the vigilance of the villagers can bring results in the difficult times of Corona is provided by the villagers of Tajpura and has set a new direction for others to follow.

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