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Macquarie University designated as WHO collaborating centre

2 Oct 2023 4:21 PM GMT
The HEAR Centre takes a public-health approach to hearing loss to tackle two of Australia’s most under-served populations in hearing health: adults...

WHO praises India for advancements in universal health coverage, Ayushman Bharat Scheme

19 Aug 2023 10:11 AM GMT
The World Health Organization on Saturday praised India for taking steps in advancing Universal Health Coverage

G20 Summit: India and WHO to launch Global Initiative on Digital Health

16 Aug 2023 2:12 PM GMT
India’s G20 Presidency marks the first time that the troika consists of three developing and emerging economies

WHO Director-General to inaugurate first ever global summit on traditional medicine

14 Aug 2023 12:47 PM GMT
The summit will also see exhibitions of traditional systems of medicine from across the globe

WHO sounds alarm as Covid-19 new variant ‘Eris’ cases rise sharply in UK

6 Aug 2023 6:37 AM GMT
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised the countries to stay alert and follow the Covid appropriate behaviour

WHO endorses landmark public health decisions on Essential Medicines for Multiple Sclerosis

27 July 2023 7:25 AM GMT
The updated Model Lists aim to facilitate greater access to innovative medicines that show clear clinical benefits

WHO outlines 40 research priorities on antimicrobial resistance

23 Jun 2023 7:22 AM GMT
The research agenda was developed based on a review of over 3000 relevant documents published over the past decade

WHO report highlights significant impact of 'Har Ghar Jal' Programme on Public Health and Economic Savings

10 Jun 2023 3:22 AM GMT
The ‘Har Ghar Jal’ report focuses on diarrheal diseases as they contribute significantly to the overall disease burden related to water, sanitation,...

The European Commission and WHO launch landmark digital health initiative to strengthen global health security

7 Jun 2023 10:57 AM GMT
The World Health Organization (WHO) and European Commission have announced today the launch of a landmark digital health partnership

India played key role in drugs manufacturing, vaccine development during Covid pandemic: WHO chief scientist

6 Jun 2023 2:55 PM GMT
The third G20 Health Working Group meeting is being held in Hyderabad from June 4 to 6. It focuses on three priorities in the health track

India in strong position to develop medical countermeasures for equitable drugs, vaccine distribution: WHO official

5 Jun 2023 11:39 AM GMT
Under its G20 presidency, India has proposed a medical countermeasure coordination platform to effectively deal with challenges of any COVID-like...

CAG voted in as WHO's auditor for a second term with record 73 pc votes

30 May 2023 5:48 AM GMT
Once again, the vibrant ‘India story’ resonated strongly on the global stage in Geneva on Monday