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Biparjoy effect: Gujarat gets 19% of seasonal rainfall within a week

20 Jun 2023 8:40 AM GMT
Gujarat received 19% of seasonal rainfall, whereas Saurashtra-Kutch got 39% of rains in a matter of one week from June 11 to 18

At 40 Degrees celsius, Bengal shuts all educational Institutions for a week

17 April 2023 9:10 AM GMT
The mercury level is most likely to reach around 40 degrees C in the next 24 hours, it said

Draft curriculum doc proposes 5.5-day school week, longer periods Class 9 onwards

8 April 2023 8:05 AM GMT
By contrast, the new draft NCF provides a specific framework for the school day and academic year

Saudi Vellakka, Taaza Khabar, Woman of the Dead, Uunchai: OTT releases this week

4 Jan 2023 8:58 AM GMT
It is a new year, and time to update your binge list for the weekend