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Elon Musk warns 'Twitter bankruptcy possible' if cash burn lingers

11 Nov 2022 6:39 AM GMT
The warning came amid a tumultuous start to Musk’s reign at the social media company a two-week period in which he has fired half of Twitter’s staff

US warns Iran against sending weapons to Russia to kill Ukrainians

27 Oct 2022 5:54 AM GMT
Ukraine had since been pleading with Western countries to step up their assistance in the face of the new challenge

Putin warns Ukraine of 'serious response' if counter-offensive continues

18 Sep 2022 7:00 AM GMT
Biden said there will be consequences if Putin were to cross that line

Time to take pending booster shot, says NTAGI Chief ahead of festive season, warns against complacency​

10 Sep 2022 7:06 AM GMT
He further explained that in July, when the government announced free boosters for all
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