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Gujarat CM stays overnight at village, urges youth to stay away from addiction

12 Feb 2024 6:29 AM GMT
He had dinner with the family members of local leader Dineshbhai Bhatola, said a government release

Remains of 2,800-year-old settlement found in PM Modi's village in Gujarat

17 Jan 2024 7:57 AM GMT
Researchers from IIT Kharagpur, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Deccan...

Three-year-old girl rescued from borewell in Gujarat village dies

2 Jan 2024 8:34 AM GMT
The toddler fell into the open borewell located in Ran village at around 1 p.m. on Monday

Training aircraft crashes in Pune's Gojubavi village; pilot, co-pilot injured

22 Oct 2023 5:22 AM GMT
The injured persons have been taken to the hospital for treatment, the police said

5 dead, 2 missing after seasonal floods hit village in eastern China

24 July 2023 5:03 AM GMT
China's deadliest and most destructive floods in recent history were in 1998, when 4,150 people died, most of them along the Yangtze River

HM Amit Shah to launch Vibrant Villages Programame in Kibithoo border village in Arunachal Pradesh

10 April 2023 7:42 AM GMT
These electricity projects will empower people living in border villages

Pavlepur: With a vision to provide clean water in village, a water tank was projected as part of infrastructure development of rural village

28 Feb 2023 6:55 AM GMT
The water tank with water holding capacity of 30,000 litres was introduced in the village

Mirchi Love makes Christmas memorable for Kids at Santa's Village!

25 Dec 2022 7:37 AM GMT
Mirchi Love's RJ Harsh has been charged for being the sweetest, most kind-hearted person by Smit Foundation

23 year old youth committed suicide after jumped inside lake in Undera village near Vadodara

3 Aug 2021 3:55 PM GMT
23 year old youth committed suicide after jumped inside lake in Undera village near Vadodara