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NASA hears signal from Voyager 2 spacecraft after mistakenly cutting contact

2 Aug 2023 11:23 AM GMT
After days of silence, NASA has heard from Voyager 2 in interstellar space billions of miles away

Nokia changes iconic logo to signal strategy shift

27 Feb 2023 8:19 AM GMT
The new logo comprises five different shapes forming the word NOKIA

Moxie, the CEO of Signal, resigns, and Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, takes over meanwhile

11 Jan 2022 7:53 AM GMT
Brian Acton, a co-founder of WhatsApp, has been named interim CEO of Signal

WhatsApp delays privacy policy by 3 months

16 Jan 2021 6:51 AM GMT
WhatsApp announced it was delaying by three months the implementation of a new privacy policy that has faced massive backlash with tens of millions of...

Signal and Telegram seeing huge waves of new users amid WhatsApp privacy row

9 Jan 2021 9:49 AM GMT
Privacy conscious smartphone users are opting for Telegram and Signal messaging apps to chat and communicate as the most popular messaging app,...