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Report: Apple could unveil an AI-Powered photo editing feature at the let loose event

7 May 2024 8:24 AM GMT
The Cupertino-based tech giant is hosting its Let Loose event on Tuesday

Report: Indians prepare for summer travel despite heat waves, soaring fares

7 May 2024 5:59 AM GMT
Earlier this month, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted to record above normal numbers of heatwave days in May 2024

Report: 80,000 tech employees lost jobs across 279 firms in 2024 so far

4 May 2024 3:17 PM GMT
In 2022 and 2023, tech companies worldwide laid off more than 425,000 employees, as a global slowdown hit the IT/Tech and the startup ecosystem

Google outage: Users get 502 error, report issues with search engine in UK, US

1 May 2024 3:55 PM GMT
Almost 100 users in the US have also reported experiencing issues with Google Maps as per Downdetector

Govt rebuts Lancet report on healthcare spending, says health investment aims to reach 2.5% of GPD by 2025

17 April 2024 11:09 AM GMT
The Lancet report claimed that the Indian government's healthcare expenditure stands at a mere 1.2% of GDP, one of the lowest among G20 nations, with...

Delhi Airport ranked among world’s top 10 busiest airports: ACI report

17 April 2024 8:09 AM GMT
However, Delhi Airport experienced a slight dip in its ranking, conceding its position to Chicago and potentially missing the 9th spot that it secured...

Report: Supreme Court to hear Arvind Kejriwal's plea against arrest on April 15

13 April 2024 8:03 AM GMT
Arvind Kejriwal had approached the high court on March 23, claiming the ED's action violated his fundamental rights and was motivated by politics

Report Links Fashion giants H&M, Zara to deforestation, corruption in Brazil

12 April 2024 3:27 PM GMT
The Cerrado, the most biodiverse savanna on Earth, has been disappearing at an accelerating rate as Brazil's massive agribusiness industry has...

Solo travel to countries like UAE, Egypt, Vietnam gaining footing: Report

10 April 2024 8:13 AM GMT
The report is based on visa applications submitted for processing for travelling during summer this year on Atlys platform

Report: India to legislate AI regulations soon, says Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

5 April 2024 9:22 AM GMT
India has been planning to create some sort of regulatory framework to tackle various issues that have surfaced with the rise of technology

Report: Amazon’s 'Just Walk Out' tech was actually powered by low-paid Indian workers

3 April 2024 9:23 AM GMT
The outsourced workers, sitting in India, apparently took hours to compile the data they tracked

Report: Microsoft, OpenAI plan $100 Billion data centre with 'Stargate' AI Supercomputer

31 March 2024 9:07 AM GMT
Microsoft had also announced a duo of custom-designed computing chips in November last year