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North Korea: Security of Kim Jong Un 'tightened' as explosion rocks Pyongyang

28 Aug 2023 6:49 AM GMT
Kim Jong Un is feeling uneasy about his safety, sources reported

North Korea detains US soldier for crossing inter-Korean border

19 July 2023 5:13 AM GMT
North Korea on Tuesday detained an American national who crossed the heavily fortified border from South Korea into North Korea

North Korea launches ballistic missiles in protest of US-South Korea military drills

16 Jun 2023 3:20 AM GMT
The North Korean launch is its first since it failed in an attempt to put its first spy satellite into orbit in late May

North Korea notifies neighbouring Japan it plans to launch satellite in coming days

29 May 2023 5:57 AM GMT
Japan's coast guard issued a safety warning for ships in the area on those dates because of the possible risks from falling debris

North Korea tests second underwater drone 'Haeil-2' in show of military power to US, Seoul

8 April 2023 7:34 AM GMT
The underwater nuclear attack drone "Haeil-2" test was carried out in Kajin Port, Kumya Country, South Hamgyong Province on April 4

North Korea launches another missile into sea amid US-South Korea drills

19 March 2023 10:17 AM GMT
Japan's Defence Ministry said a suspected North Korean missile was launched on Sunday morning

North Korea launches ICBM before South Korea-Japan summit

16 March 2023 7:03 AM GMT
South Korea's military said the North Korean ICBM flew toward the Korean Peninsula's eastern waters after being launched from North Korea's capital

North Korea confirms ballistic missile test, issues new warnings

19 Feb 2023 7:56 AM GMT
Pyongyang said that the test showed it was capable of countering hostile forces like the US and South Korea

US, allies clash with China, Russia over North Korea missiles

5 Nov 2022 6:07 AM GMT
US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said North Korea's staggering 59 ballistic missile launches this year

Japan halts trains, sounds warning after North Korea launches missiles

3 Nov 2022 5:47 AM GMT
Thursday's test was the latest in the series of recent weapon tests that have spurred tensions in the Korean peninsula

North Korea raises alarm after confirming first COVID-19 case

12 May 2022 5:36 AM GMT
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for raising COVID-19 preventive measures to maximum levels

In 2022, North Korea undertakes its seventh alleged missile test

30 Jan 2022 9:16 AM GMT
North Korea launched the missile three days after firing two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea