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NASA hopes New Zealand launch will pave way for moon landing

29 Jun 2022 5:06 AM GMT
NASA wants to experiment with a new orbit around the moon

Rollout of NASA's new moon rocket to launch pad delayed

3 Feb 2022 8:02 AM GMT
NASA officials said workforce and supply disruptions related to the recent Omicron-driven surge in COVID-19 infections also were factors in slowing...

NASA's Mars orbiter: Water flowed on Mars much longer than previously assumed

28 Jan 2022 8:22 AM GMT
Caltech researchers analysing data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovered evidence of liquid water on Mars as recently as 2 billion to 2.5...

James Webb Space Telescope of NASA reaches gravitational parking place in solar orbit

25 Jan 2022 5:50 AM GMT
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope arrived at a position of orbital stability between the Earth and the sun known as Lagrange Point Two

Trickiest task on newly launched James Webb Space Telescope nailed by NASA

5 Jan 2022 9:49 AM GMT
All of the infrared, heat-sensing research instruments are kept in permanent subzero shade by the sunshield, which measures 70 feet by 46 feet

Jahnavi Dangeti, first Indian to complete NASA programme

28 Dec 2021 7:27 AM GMT
A 19-year old girl, Jahnavi Dangeti ,from Andhra Pradesh, has just completed NASA's International Air and Space Program (IASP) at the Kennedy Space...

NASA to launch James Webb Space Telescope: Watch live tomorrow

24 Dec 2021 11:54 AM GMT
The space agency's largest and most powerful space science telescope will be launched from French Guiana on December 25 at 07:20 a.m. EST (5.50 p.m....

Nasa's Perseverance makes unexpected discovery of lava flooding

16 Dec 2021 12:54 PM GMT
NASA's Perseverance rover that landed on Mars 10 months ago, has made some startling discovery.

The son of an Indian immigrant, Anil Menon, is one of ten new Nasa astronaut trainees

7 Dec 2021 7:53 AM GMT
"We're going back to the Moon, and we're continuing on to Mars -- and so today we welcome 10 new explorers"

NASA is crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid

24 Nov 2021 9:06 AM GMT
The spacecraft will make nearly one full circuit around the sun after launch before colliding with Dimorphos, a football-field-sized asteroid.

NASA will test a strategy to save the Earth by smashing a satellite into an asteroid

23 Nov 2021 12:00 PM GMT
DART is to launch on Wednesday and will allow scientists to see if an impending asteroid can be 'nudged' away from a position that could threaten...

Lunar Eclipse: Check the date, timings, and other details for the last 'Chandra grahan' of 2021 in India.

3 Nov 2021 11:44 AM GMT
When the Earth is captured between the Sun and the full moon, a partial lunar eclipse occurs