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NASA Funds eight studies to protect astronaut health on long missions

30 Sep 2023 11:48 AM GMT
NASA is funding eight new studies aimed at better understanding how the human body reacts to spaceflight

NASA postpones mission to asteroid Psyche by a week

29 Sep 2023 1:41 PM GMT
The one-week delay cuts considerably into Psyche's launch window, which runs through Oct. 25

NASA appoints new director for UFO research as panel urges more study

15 Sep 2023 2:03 PM GMT
While announcing the results of the study, NASA administrator Bill Nelson said the agency is appointing a new director for UAP research

NASA hears signal from Voyager 2 spacecraft after mistakenly cutting contact

2 Aug 2023 11:23 AM GMT
After days of silence, NASA has heard from Voyager 2 in interstellar space billions of miles away

NASA observes a polar cyclone on Uranus for the first time

24 May 2023 3:17 PM GMT
For the first time, NASA scientists have strong evidence of a polar cyclone on Uranus

NASA sets up new office to help land humans on Mars

1 April 2023 9:22 AM GMT
It is also tasked with helping the agency set up a long-term presence on the Moon

NASA adds another asteroid target for the trojan explorer Lucy mission

27 Jan 2023 1:19 PM GMT
The Lucy mission is already breaking records by planning to visit nine asteroids during its 12-year tour of the Jupiter Trojan asteroids

NASA partners with Boeing to develop new sustainable demonstrator aircraft

19 Jan 2023 8:55 AM GMT
The technologies demonstrated and tested as part of the Sustainable Flight Demonstrator (SFD) program will inform future designs

NASA astronauts install new roll-out solar array on Space station

4 Dec 2022 8:20 AM GMT
Astronauts ended their spacewalk around 12:51 am today after successfully installing a new roll-out solar array on the station

NASA Artemis 1 moon mission launch called off due to technical snag

29 Aug 2022 1:18 PM GMT
The launch of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) moon mission Artemis 1 has been called off

NASA shares this incredible rainbow-coloured image of Pluto

21 July 2022 7:10 AM GMT
Pluto is shown in a rainbow of colors that distinguish the different regions on the planet

NASA's deepest ever view of Universe is giving Twitter an 'Existential Crisis'

13 July 2022 3:25 AM GMT
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope released a new wave of space photos