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Meta fined $1.3 billion by EU for sending user data to US: Report

22 May 2023 12:07 PM GMT
Just after the judgement was announced Meta assured that there would be no disruptions to access to social media platform Facebook in Europe

Meta launches subscription service in US

18 March 2023 8:10 AM GMT
The initial launch of Twitter Blue in November had led to a surge in users impersonating celebrities and brands on the platform

Meta to end news access for Canadians if online news act becomes law

13 March 2023 11:23 AM GMT
Meta's move comes after Google last month started testing limited news censorship as a potential response to the bill

Zuckerberg announces launch of 'blue' paid subscription service Meta Verified for FB, Insta

20 Feb 2023 6:55 AM GMT
Zuckerberg said the feature will protect users against impersonators

Meta delays setting team budgets as it plans fresh round of layoffs: Report

12 Feb 2023 8:47 AM GMT
The WhatsApp owner had cut more than 11,000 jobs or 13% of its workforce in November

Meta hires former Tata CLiQ CEO Vikas Purohit to head global business group in India

9 Jan 2023 10:36 AM GMT
Purohit will head Meta's work with India's largest businesses and the agency ecosystem

Meta fined €390m over use of data for targeted ads

5 Jan 2023 12:44 PM GMT
Meta, which owns both platforms, has three months to change how it obtains and uses data to target ads

WhatsApp likely to roll out new drawing tool features

12 April 2022 11:53 AM GMT
Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is likely to roll out a new drawing tool features for its users

End-to-end encryption: Meta says will step up transparency, screening

6 April 2022 5:17 AM GMT
Meta has agreed to completely implement 34 of the 45 recommendations made by independent organisation BSR as a part of its HRIA

Meta rolls out parental supervision tools on Instagram

17 March 2022 11:41 AM GMT
Parents will be able to view what accounts their children follow and can set time limits for how long their kids spend on the app

Meta investor sues over Apple privacy update's impact on ads

10 March 2022 8:04 AM GMT
Meta Platforms Inc falsely reassured investors that the impacts of privacy tweaks to Apple’s iOS software for iPhones were manageable

Meta is building a digital voice assistant for Metaverse push

24 Feb 2022 6:19 AM GMT
Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc is building a digital voice assistant to help people interact hands-free with physical devices