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US Prez Joe Biden to join auto workers' strike in Michigan

26 Sep 2023 7:29 AM GMT
Experts in presidential and US labour history say they cannot recall an instance where a sitting president has joined an ongoing strike

President Joe Biden's Science Adviser calls for AI collaboration with India

22 July 2023 6:37 AM GMT
This came after the US administration roped in several IT giants like Google and Microsoft to ensure that it is not misused

PM Narendra Modi meets US President Joe Biden at White House in Washington DC

22 Jun 2023 4:18 AM GMT
Modi highlighted various initiatives undertaken by India to promote education, research and entrepreneurship

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks to US President Joe Biden

15 Feb 2023 7:57 AM GMT
The two leaders also agreed to remain in contact during India’s ongoing G20 Presidency to ensure its success

Report: Joe Biden invites PM Modi for state visit to US in June or July

2 Feb 2023 8:09 AM GMT
The Prime Minister has accepted the invitation in principle and the officials on both sides are working on mutually convenient dates

Biden to meet PM Modi at Quad summit in Tokyo next month

28 April 2022 5:02 AM GMT
Biden's trip to South Korea and Japan has been scheduled for May 20 to 24

PM Modi holds talks with US President Joe Biden virtually

12 April 2022 5:27 AM GMT
Says, India and US are natural partners as they are biggest democracies of world

PM Modi to hold virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden today

11 April 2022 6:18 AM GMT
Bilateral ties and Indo-Pacific region high on agenda

US military aid for Ukraine to include 'secretly acquired' Soviet air defence systems

22 March 2022 9:23 AM GMT
The United States military aid package announced by President Joe Biden earlier this month will include “secretly acquired” Soviet air defence

White House: Biden to visit Poland on Europe trip this week

21 March 2022 6:18 AM GMT
US President Joe Biden has added a stop in Poland to his trip this week to Europe for urgent talks with NATO and European allies

Biden approves $200 Million in arms and equipment for Ukraine

13 March 2022 5:14 AM GMT
US President Joe Biden on Saturday authorized USD 200 million for additional arms and equipment to Ukraine

Western nations start sending weapons to Ukraine

27 Feb 2022 5:52 AM GMT
The United States had earlier announced $350 million in aid to Ukraine, totalling $1 billion in security assistance since President Joe Biden took...