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James Webb Space Telescope resumes science operations after glitch

9 Nov 2022 8:06 AM GMT
Earlier this year, NASA scientists ran into a technical glitch with the James Webb Space Telescope’s MIRI instrument

James Webb Space Telescope of NASA reaches gravitational parking place in solar orbit

25 Jan 2022 5:50 AM GMT
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope arrived at a position of orbital stability between the Earth and the sun known as Lagrange Point Two

Trickiest task on newly launched James Webb Space Telescope nailed by NASA

5 Jan 2022 9:49 AM GMT
All of the infrared, heat-sensing research instruments are kept in permanent subzero shade by the sunshield, which measures 70 feet by 46 feet

NASA to launch James Webb Space Telescope: Watch live tomorrow

24 Dec 2021 11:54 AM GMT
The space agency's largest and most powerful space science telescope will be launched from French Guiana on December 25 at 07:20 a.m. EST (5.50 p.m....
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