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Iran's president says US should ease sanctions to demonstrate it wants to return to nuclear deal

21 Sep 2023 8:30 AM GMT
Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi said Wednesday that relations with the United States can move forward

Iran pushes to attract tourists from wealthy Gulf Arab states, Russia and China

19 July 2023 8:37 AM GMT
Iran is making a push to attract visitors from wealthy Gulf Arab states and other nearby countries to boost its sanctions-hit economy.

Gujarat couple held hostage in Iran freed within 24 hrs

21 Jun 2023 3:12 AM GMT
In mid-June, the couple were taken to Hyderabad by smuggling agents

Saudi foreign minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan visits Iran to re-establish diplomatic ties

18 Jun 2023 3:37 AM GMT
This was the first visit of a senior Saudi official in over seven years

Iran, Saudi to resume ties in China-brokered deal after years of hostility

10 March 2023 3:05 PM GMT
The major diplomatic breakthrough negotiated with China lowers the chance of armed conflict between the nations

Hundreds of girls poisoned in Iran to stop them from going to school

27 Feb 2023 8:29 AM GMT
On Sunday the deputy health minister, Younes Panahi, implicitly confirmed the poisonings had been deliberate

Iran sentences ex-official to death over alleged UK spying

12 Jan 2023 7:30 AM GMT
The spying was uncovered when Iranian intelligence fed Akbari false information, Tasnim news agency reported

US warns Iran against sending weapons to Russia to kill Ukrainians

27 Oct 2022 5:54 AM GMT
Ukraine had since been pleading with Western countries to step up their assistance in the face of the new challenge

9 killed in widespread protests in Iran over woman's death

23 Sep 2022 8:13 AM GMT
The police say she died of a heart attack and was not mistreated

India's abstention on view against Iran at IAEA strengthens bilateral relations

11 Jun 2022 6:00 AM GMT
India has maintained that its position on global developments is governed by its national interests

UAE Cargo Ship with 30 crew members Oon board Sinks 30 miles off coast from Iran

17 March 2022 9:18 AM GMT
A United Arab Emirates cargo ship sank 30 miles away from Iran’s Assaluyeh port

An Iranian man sets a new Guinness World Record by balancing 85 spoons on his torso

29 Jan 2022 6:17 AM GMT
By balancing 85 spoons on his body at the same time, Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari of AKraj, Iran, set a Guinness World Record