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US: Supreme Court keeps FDA abortion pill rules in place for now

15 April 2023 8:17 AM GMT
The order suggests the court will decide that issue by late Wednesday

Google Subsea internet cable lands in Africa, promising fast connection

19 March 2022 7:14 AM GMT
A subsea cable owned by Google that promises to double internet speeds for millions in Africa

UK Classifies new form of Omicron as 'Variant Under Investigation'

22 Jan 2022 8:22 AM GMT
A new form of Omicron named BA.2 has been designated a “variant under investigation”

Jahnavi Dangeti, first Indian to complete NASA programme

28 Dec 2021 7:27 AM GMT
A 19-year old girl, Jahnavi Dangeti ,from Andhra Pradesh, has just completed NASA's International Air and Space Program (IASP) at the Kennedy Space...